HiTech, photo by Sonia Balzak

Listen to HiTech’s “Zooted” [ft. DJKillaSquid]: The Ones

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HiTech: “Zooted” [ft. DJKillaSquid]

In case you were concerned, “rap to dance to” is alive and well. Over in Texas, Tisakorean is reviving swagg and snap; Milwaukee’s low-end style has got the twerk contests on lock; and in Jersey and Philly they’re flipping literally anything into club rap anthems. Of course, New Orleans bounce and Miami bass–influenced sounds are constants. Detroit’s HiTech is contributing to the momentum. On “Zooted,” the trio and guest DJKillaSquid lay down hypnotic, pitched up chants over an instrumental that slow-climbs like a creaky rollercoaster. Once it’s past the opening minute and change, the song is thrusted into a thrilling mix of gunshots, squeaks, pulsating drums, and intoxicating vocal commands; it pulls in everything from Detroit techno to Chicago footwork to club music of the East Coast. Tell your local DJs to get hip or pass the decks.

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