800pts “Useless”
Artwork by Nickmediasm

Listen to 800pts’ “Useless”: The Ones

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800pts: “Useless”

If you’re in the mood for a few brain-rewiring beats, just surf through Amir’s production credits on SoundCloud. It’s like they have access to different software than everyone else. Their instrumental for 800pts’ new single, “Useless,” is a solid introduction to their celestial funk, with background noises that feel like Wall-E sound effects. The orchestral intro is wicked, too, like what you would play before the final boss fight in a martial arts flick. 800pts’ light, lilting sing-rapping isn’t remarkable here; the mysterious rapper leaves more of an imprint on previous tracks like “Cant See” and “Myself.” But that doesn’t take much away from the song, because it’s all about Amir, whose beat must have fallen out of an interdimensional portal.

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