Wiki Papiseed Street Vol. 1
Artwork courtesy of Wikset Enterprise

Listen to Wiki’s “Out My Mind” [ft. Niontay]: The Ones

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Wiki: “Out My Mind” [ft. Niontay]

Wiki has fallen into that glorious pattern rappers get into when they’re just doing shit. By that, I mean flooding the web with a prolific run of verses and tapes for no real reason other than following their ears. A joint album with Navy Blue? Sure. 2000s East Coast revivalism raps with Subjxct 5 behind the boards? Bet. Rapping with Jersey’s Papo, the UK’s Jadasea, and VA’s Ankhlejohn? Of course. Now he’s tossing out a short tape of unreleased songs called Papiseed Street Vol. 1. The early standout is “Out My Mind” with Florida’s Niontay, which restrains Wik’s usual loudmouth antics for a monotone verse to match Niontay’s faded, stuck-in-his-head raps. Together, they sound so baked into Laron and Luca Beats’ booming instrumental that it’s like a conversation on the subway platform while the express train zooms by. Onto the next.

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