Itgirl Milf 2.0 EP
Artwork courtesy of Year Infiniti

Listen to Itgirl’s “Asè”: The Ones

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Itgirl: “Asè”

The obvious touchpoint for Itgirl’s bionic riffs and croons is Thug, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she had the artwork of I Came From Nothing 2 taped on her wall. But, unlike so many Thug disciples, she’s got unpredictable melodic detours and twists that push her songs past that influence. On “Asè,” a track from her new EP, Milf 2.0, her flows steadily get more bugged-out. At first it’s the kind of mumbly chanting that wouldn’t be out of place on Opium, then she’s singing scattered, drawn-out notes like a weirdo Skooly, and finally by the 50-second mark she goes into this spoken word-like fast-rapping with an overload of effects tacked on. Not too many outside of Thug could pull this off.

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